Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rearing Its Ugly Head

I had relaxed a bit on the health care thing. Well...not really relaxed. I had become resigned to there being no real reform. That became very clear with Max Baucus declaring that Single Payer would not be on the table in the reform effort. As soon as that was announced, I knew there would be no real reform.

Over the months to follow, we witnessed reform being chipped away. We've seen the whole thing turned into a political sham like everything else.

So what brings it back? Why do I want to bitch about this again?

It's the fact that my family is being squeezed even more. The health insurance industry continues to rape us. Our premiums haven't gone up, but our coverage continues to erode.

My company changed our insurance provider as of January 1 this year. We received a packet back in late November or early December. There was a letter explaining that our insurance would change as of January 1. What the letter did not tell us was that we should not seek any kind of medical help during the month of December.

What happened, what we are dealing with right now, is that the old insurance provider will not pay for some services that we received in December. These were routine check-ups for two of my children. These were normal, covered services under our plan. Now, the old insurance is not paying because they can't access my company's account or something like that. Basically, they are dicking us around. They are pulling normal health insurance crap. They are finding a way to not pay.

Aside from that, the new insurance doesn't cover certain services that we use as a family. We have to meet our deductible, $1000 for me, $1000 for my wife, $1000 for the kids before insurance will pay 80% for these services.

I don't give a crap what anyone says. I want single payer now.

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