Thursday, November 12, 2009

Indecisive? Me? I'm not sure.

Not that anyone is keeping score or paying any attention, I decided to switch the title of my blog back to Just Because...

The other one just seemed lame.

So, now that the title thing is decided, I should work on actual content.

Day to day life can be very trying. There are always a lot of stresses and pressures to deal with.

Being the sole breadwinner in a family of six calls into sharp focus at times what a razor's edge I walk.

All it would take is just one accident, just one illness, a layoff, a random bullet (I drive through some rough parts of town back and forth to work) and we'd be without income or health insurance. There are five other people who depend on me.

It's not that I worry about it constantly. Just when I hear of someone losing thier job or becoming disabled, it makes me think.